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SC Adopt-a-Stream

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We’re here to support you in your SC Adopt-a-Stream monitoring efforts!

Attending a workshop and becoming a certified SC Adopt-a-Stream volunteers is just the beginning of the journey to adopting a stream and getting to know your watershed! On these pages, you can find a monitoring kit to borrow near you, find a Hubs where you can get additional support and possibly connect with other local volunteers, and find additional resources and materials to continue your learning.

A dissolved oxygen testing kit and thermometer with a marsh view in the background.

Kit Map

Partners around the state provide kits for volunteers to borrow. Find one near you to get started monitoring!

Hub Network

Hubs create energy and provide local support for SC Adopt-a-Stream volunteers. Learn more and find a Hub in your area!

Resources & Materials

Download handbooks and forms, find helpful links, and watch videos to help you get started or continue learning!

The Center for Watershed Excellence
The Center for Watershed Excellence | 509 Westinghouse Rd, Pendleton, SC 29670