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The different areas of biosafety have different training requirements.  This training may be required by different regulations.    

Bloodborne Pathogen LIVE training.  This is initial training for lab personnel who work with human samples, human cell culture, waste water treatment samples, or lentiviral vectors.  Some versions will have additional biosafety and biohazardous waste training components.  To see when the next training is scheduled, contact Kerri Kwist

Bloodborne Pathogen refresher training:  Bloodborne pathogen training needs to be taken initially and then annually for the duration of the project.  This refresher training can be a LIVE session or the online refresher training.

Biohazardous Waste:  Anyone generating any type of biohazardous waste is required to take biohazardous waste training.  If it is not taken as part of the Bloodborne Pathogen LIVE training, it can be taken online.

Biosafety Training:  This training is offered as either part of the LIVE bloodborne pathogen class or as part of the online biohazardous waste training.  If you would like to schedule a biosafety only session, please contact Kerri Kwist

The Bloodborne pathogen refresher and biohazardous waste training can be found on the Research Safety Webpage

If you are looking for more information about Biosafety Cabinets, this training is provided: