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Appendix I



It is the responsibility of the supervisor to recognize when training is needed for his/her employees and to provide and/or arrange for such training. Supervisors are responsible for training on hazards specific to their laboratory. This should include training on operation and safety precautions for laboratory equipment; special precautions, personal protective equipment, handling of spills, first aid, etc., for handling chemicals of high acute and chronic toxicity, carcinogens, and reproductive toxins.

All of the federal and state agencies which regulate occupational safety and health (SC and Federal OSHA), environmental compliance (Environmental Protection Agency and the Department of Health and Environmental Control), and radiation safety (Nuclear Regulatory Commission and the State Department of Public Health) require that we train the employees who engage in activities covered by their agencies. Training in the following is required by one or more of the above listed agencies and will be conducted by the RS Department (it is, however, the responsibility of the PI or supervisor to identify those employees performing activities or working in areas where training is necessary and arrange for such training).

Training is required for:

Employees who work in laboratories where hazardous chemicals are used. These employees are covered under OSHA’s Chemical Hygiene Standard. This training must be provided initially upon assignment and whenever it is apparent that training is inadequate. Chemical Hygiene Training can be found on the RS website at: 

Employees who generate hazardous waste. These employees are required to have initial training plus yearly refresher training on handling hazardous waste. This training can be found on the RS website:

Employees who use unfixed human or non-human primate tissues, body fluids, cell cultures derived from human or non-human primate cells, work with cultures of pathogens capable of infecting humans, or work with animals that can reasonably be expected to carry diseases capable of infecting humans. These employees receive training according to the Bloodborne Pathogen Standard (BBP). Classroom training is required initially with yearly refresher training. Arrangements for this training should be made through Clemson University’s Biosafety Officer.

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Employees working with ionizing radiation (radioactive sources, radio-labeled chemicals, x-ray equipment, etc.) must be trained in the biological effects of radiation, shielding, decontamination, and other basic health physics issues. Arrangements for training for these employees should be made through Clemson University’s Radiation Safety Officer.

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Employees who wear or need to wear respirators. Respirators include dust masks, self-contained breathing apparatus, or any other device designed to conform to the face and protect the lungs and breathing passages. Training includes proper selection, use, cleaning, storage, and ensuring proper fit. Training is required upon initial issue of a respirator, and annually thereafter. Contact The Office of Research Safety.

The following form should be filled out by the supervisor with the employee/student for existing employees/students and within the first 10 days of employment for new employees/students. A copy should be retained by the supervisor and a copy should also be retained in the departmental administrative office where it is easily accessible, if requested


Employee/Student Safety Checklist

                                                                                                        Supervisor        Employee

                                                                                                        Initials               Initials


1.        Individual employee’s responsibilities                                       _____                _____

2.      Location of Chemical Hygiene Plan                                             _____                _____                                         

3.      Location of Chemical Inventory and Safety

         Data Sheets and other information available relating

          to hazardous chemicals found in the work area                         _____                 _____

4.         Minimum personal protective equipment requirements            _____                _____

5.         Specific personal protective equipment requirements              _____                  _____

6.      Injury and Illness reporting                                                      _____                  _____

7.       Non-injury incident reporting                                                   _____                  _____ 

8.       Location and use of fire extinguishers                                       _____                  _____

9.      Location and use of eyewash and safety shower equipment         _____                 _____

10.      Location of and use of spill kits                                               _____                  _____

11.     Housekeeping                                                                        _____                  _____

12.     Rules on food/beverage consumption in laboratories                 _____                  _____

13.     Hazards of the job (i.e., chemical, biological, radioactive                          

            materials, mechanical, electrical, etc.)                                  _____                   _____

14.      Spill control, clean-up procedures, etc.                                  _____                    _____ 

 15.      Fire and Disaster Evacuation Procedures                               _____                    _____  

 17.       Training Requirements                                                        _____                    _____


The items above have been explained to me by my supervisor. I understand the information provided and I will follow the policies and procedures as required.


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Employee Signature                                                                            Date

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PI/Supervisor Signature                                                                      Date