Clemson University

Appendix L




A laundry facility for the cleaning of laboratory coats or other laboratory clothing has been established in Room 71 in the basement of the P&AS Building.  Some departments have established their own laundry facility. Please check with your departmental office/lab manager to find out if you department has such a facility. Departmental facilities must follow the same general guidelines as those listed below.


Rules established for this laundry facility are as follows:

1.     You must obtain a key from Opal Rousey (656-3428) in Room 129 of the Poole Agricultural Building. The key may be obtained after 8:00am and should be returned by 4:15pm.  Calling ahead to ensure that facility is not is use is a good idea.

2.     The door must be locked (please turn off light, also) when finished, and the key must be returned promptly to Room 129 when your laundry activity is complete.

3.     NO personal clothing may be laundered in this equipment.

4.     When transporting lab coats to this building, ensure that they are contained (heavy-duty trash bags, etc.) in such a way that they do not come in contact with the interior of the vehicle in which they are being transported.

5.     Laboratory coats worn in areas where radioactive materials are used must survey "clean" before they can be laundered in this equipment. (Questions about this should be directed to Konstantin Povod at 650-7165)

6.     Lab coats that are known to be contaminated (i.e., by a spill) may need to be treated as hazardous waste depending on the type of contamination (Direct questions to June Brock-Carroll at 633-6357).        

7.     You must furnish your own detergent, bleach, etc.

8.     After washing lab coats, run an empty cycle with detergent to remove any residue from the washer.

8.     You must clean up after yourself; deposit all trash in can provided, etc.

9.     Chemically-resistant gloves and apron should be worn by personnel responsible for handling the laundry.

10.  Report any problems (mechanical or otherwise) involving this facility to RS.


*Scheduling a pick-up day for laundering and having someone assigned to pick up and launder laboratory coats for the department is recommended.

** If you do not clean your lab coat/ apparel routinely, you increase the risk of personal contamination through accumulation.