Clemson University

11. Waste Disposal Program

Assure that the plan for each laboratory operation includes plans and training for waste disposal. The University’s Hazardous Waste Management Manual describes acceptable waste disposal methods at Clemson facilities


  1. Chemical hoods may not be used as a means of disposal for volatile chemicals. 
  1. Before a PI or graduate student’s employment in the laboratory ends; they change lab locations, etc., chemicals for which that person was responsible must be reassigned, properly discarded or identified as surplus. Read and Follow the Lab Close Out Policy found on our website: 
  1. Indiscriminate disposal by pouring waste chemicals down the drain or adding them to mixed refuse for landfill burial is not allowed.
  1. Recycling should be used when possible. An attempt should be made to make available to other laboratories, chemicals which are no longer useful in your laboratory, but may be useful to others
  1. Contact the University’s Hazardous Materials Manager (633-6357) for details about procedures for a particular waste.