Clemson University

7. Other Protective Equipment

  • An easily accessible emergency shower and/or eyewash as indicated by chemicals stored and used.
  • A proper fire extinguisher selected based on the materials, chemicals, equipment, etc. in your area should be provided in labs. (If employees are expected and/or allowed to use fire extinguishers, they must be trained; contact the University Fire Department to get information about fire extinguisher training)
  • If fire blankets are available, personnel should be trained in the proper use. Fire blankets should not be used to wrap yourself or another person who is on fire, but rather to possibly put out a small fire or wrap around yourself to get through a fire to an exit.
  • Fire alarm and telephone for emergency use should be available in labs or corridors
  •  If first aid kits are available, the contents should be approved by RS.
  • Other items designated by the laboratory supervisor.
  • Know the location of all protective equipment and