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Health Professions Advising at Clemson can begin as early as orientation and continue well past graduation depending on the needs of the student:

Exploration. The pre-professional pathway is a mindset, not a major. Therefore, pre-professional students must select a major and minor (if applicable). The pre-professional student may choose from over eighty undergraduate majors at Clemson. Although many students pursue a math or science degree, it is not required. Healthcare professional schools look for students that are well-rounded academically, socially and portray professional competence. Our professional advisors assist students in considering the various degree programs through which they can pursue the road to healthcare professional schools. 

Prerequisite Tracking. Because there is no pre-professional degree, health professional schools designate prerequisite courses as indicators of success, which they would like to see on each applicant's transcript. These prerequisite courses vary by discipline and institution. Our professional advisors can assist you with identifying and interpreting prerequisite courses at your schools of interest. 

Professional School Research. Our professional advisors assist students in considering the various health professional schools to which they might apply through researching admissions requirements, institutional mission, and curricula.

Application and Interview Preparation. During the application process, our professional advisors can assist you with developing your personal statement, as well as how to translate your experiences confidently in an interview setting. Workshops, as well as one on one advising appointments, are offered throughout each semester to help students prepare best for admissions process.