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Advising Overview

The Healthcare Professions Advisement Staff is available to answer any questions that students may have as they pursue a career in healthcare. Students are highly recommended to be proactive in scheduling meetings with both their academic and preprofessional advisor in order to assure prerequisites for programs of study and major curriculum requirements are completed in a timely manner. Please consult the Adviser Directory to determine the best person for you connect with regarding your unique path.

Topics you can expect to discuss with your adviser:

        • Career goals
        • Admissions requirements for schools of interest
        • Progress toward prerequisite completion
        • Academic performance
        • Healthcare experience (e.g. shadowing, observation, mentorship)
        • Campus and community engagement
        • Entrance exam preparation
        • Recognizing and addressing areas of strength and growth

Recommendations for Students Two or More Years Prior to Application:

      • Schedule timely advisement appointments with your academic advisor and healthcare professions advisor. If study abroad is an interest of yours, meet with an advisor to begin identifying a timeline for that experience that does not conflict with your admissions process.
      • Familiarize yourself with curriculum requirements for your degree and prerequisite requirements for your particular professional schools of interest. Explore majors and minors (if appropriate).
      • Explore professional schools of interest to identify specific prerequisite and other admissions requirements/expectations.
      • Develop relationships with professors, advisors, and healthcare providers.
      • Consider service, shadowing, and engagement opportunities in organizations and research. Document your experiences.
      • Identify the timeline to your professional entrance exam and begin preparation three to four months prior to your scheduled testing date.

Recommendations for Students One Year Prior to Application:

      • Consult with your academic and health professions advisors to identify gaps in your experience that should be addressed prior to your application cycle. Consider your particular schools of interest (e.g. values, admissions criteria, etc.).
      • Maintain relationships with professors, advisors, and healthcare providers. Determine who you will ask and on what timeline you will begin the conversations around recommendation letters.
      • Prepare for professional school entrance exam (e.g. MCAT, DAT, PCAT, GRE, OAT, etc.). Make sure you give yourself enough time.
      • Become informed about your application process and timeline (e.g. application open date, deadlines, rolling versus fixed admissions, etc.).

Recommendations for Graduating/Applying Students:

      • Confirm specific prerequisite and other admissions requirements/expectations of your professional schools.
      • Utilize campus resources to complete personal statement and other components of the primary application. Ensure that all materials are turned in on time for your particular process and schools of interest.
      • Prepare for secondary applications and interview offers. Mock interviews are offered through Health Professions Advising and the Center for Career and Professional Development.
      • Identify a parallel postgraduate plan to healthcare professional school that addresses any gaps in your experience for a potential reapplication process.