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Student Leadership and Engagement


IMPACT is a four-day experience where incoming first-year and transfer students are met with the opportunity to explore leadership and community engagement.  Participants will spend time learning through community service, team initiatives, small group conversations, and reflection and interaction with campus leaders. The vision of IMPACT is that incoming students engage with each other and the community to create a positive, sustainable change…making an impact on others. 

Students who participate in IMPACT:

  • Recognize Clemson campus resources that will facilitate an effective transition to college life

  • Explore their personal leadership style and how the leadership process is used to create change

  • Explore ways to make a community impact through civic engagement

  • Develop friendships with peers and upper-class mentors



Stay tuned for updated information for the IMPACT program for 2024.

For more information, contact Kate Radford, Director for Leadership Education & Development.

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