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Student Leadership and Engagement

About Leadership Week

Leadership Week is built upon the belief of preparing confident and capable student leaders, We do this by forming programs around the Clemson Leader Practice of Excellence: Collaboration, Sustaining Legacy, Communication, Strategic Planning, Building Community, and Personal Growth. Our program that accomplishes this is Leadership week with the goals of

  • Engage students in a diverse presentation of leadership practices, opportunities and styles,

  • Expose students to an array of campus and community leaders,

  • Celebrate student leaders and campus organizations engaging in leadership work,

  • Educate students about inclusive leadership practices,

  • And, create a fun and engaging environment to talk about, celebrate and challenge leadership practices, styles and opportunities.

Leadership Week 2023 was a great success! Thanks to all those who participated! 

We'll be announcing details about Leadership Week 2024 later this summer! 

Questions? Reach out to Christopher Spellman at

Center for Student Leadership and Engagement
Center for Student Leadership and Engagement | 300 Sirrine Hall, 515 Calhoun Dr, Clemson, SC 29634