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Alumni Connection

CAFLS Alumni Board

Group photo fo the CAFLS alumni board

Front row, left to right: Johnny Peden, Mindy Sandifer, Stephanie Sox, Laura Jordan, Thompson Smith, Tyler Brown

Second row, left to right: Trey Watford, Ben Skelley, Paula Beecher, Ronnie Summers, Will Peeler, Bethel Durant, Gordon Baker, Pat Black, Michael Mancini, Buddy Watkins

Get Involved

Send an email to the Executive Director of Alumni Services to let her know you are interested in participating with the CAFLS Alumni Board. She's looking forward to hearing from you!

Bylaws & Constitution

Full text of CAFLS Alumni Bylaws and Constitution are available for your review desired.

2023-24 Board Members

The College of Agriculture, Forestry and Life Sciences Alumni board is made up of 24 alumni that represent the diversity of majors and students in the College of Agriculture, Forestry and Life Sciences. The board is actively involved in many of our CAFLS events and activities hosted throughout the year. In addition, the board takes an active role in supporting and directing our fundraising events: Clays for CAFLS, CAFLS Golf Tournament and CAFLS Tailgate. We are always seeking new alumni interested in a position on the board, please don’t hesitate to reach out to Paula Beecher for more information.

Ronnie Summers
‘81, Agricultural Education

Past President
Ben Skelley
‘02, Ag Economics

Dean Morrison
‘81, Horticulture

Mindy Sandifer
‘03, Agricultural Education

Buddy Watkins
‘77, Ag Economics

District 1
Christina Addis
‘07, Agricultural Education

District 2
Gordon Baker
‘80, Forest Managemen

District 3
Gordon Mikell
‘01, Ag Mech & Business

District 4
Ross Taylor
‘07, Ag Economics

District 5
Wes Porter
‘10, Biosystems Engineering

District 6
James Morgan
‘96, Agricultural Education

Pat Black
‘71, Agricultural Economics

John Parris
‘58, Agricultural Education

Jamie Dozier
‘97, Wildlife & Fisheries Biology

Bethel DuRant
‘74, Agricultural Education

Trey Watford
‘14, Ag Mech & Business

Johnny Peden
‘83, Ag Economics

Young Alumni Representative
John Martin Eubanks
‘14, Packaging Science

Young Alumni Representative
Joanna Gorcesky LaRose
‘13, Food Science

Student & Alumni Activities Committee

Development & Fund-Raising Committee
Michael Mancini
‘97, Forest Management

Policy, Procedure & Awards Committee
Stephanie Sox
‘07, Agricultural Education

Associate Member
Will Peeler
‘98, Financial Mgt

Board Member Emeritus
Thompson Smith
‘75, Agricultural Education

Executive Director, Ex-Officio
Paula Beecher
‘13, MS Agricultural Education

Dean, Ex-Officio
Matthew Interis
Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, CAFLS

Student Services Representative, Ex-Officio
Katie Black
‘04, Agricultural Education

Development Representative, Ex-Officio
Laura Jordan
‘13, Animal Science

Development Representative, Ex-Officio
Kim Arp

CAFLS Alumni Services
CAFLS Alumni Services | F153 Poole Ag. Center