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Coastal Research & Education Center

aerial of row crops at Coastal Research and Education Center
Coastal Research and Education Center, outlined map of south carolina with counties named and Charleston county filled in

The Coastal Research and Education Center conducts applied research, education and public service programs on vegetable and specialty crops. The center includes 325 acres in addition to laboratories in the Department of Agriculture U.S. Vegetable Laboratory building. The Research and Education Center conducts research to increase production and handling technology for the vegetable industry and dissemination of information through extension activities. In cooperation with the Clemson University Extension Service, local problem solving and grower educational programs receive major emphasis.

With the population increasing in the U.S. and especially in the 'Sunbelt", the Research and Education Center is supporting the SC vegetable industry to capture a greater share of the market by utilizing innovating production , postharvest methodology and effective pest management systems that include biological control and pest-resistant plants.

coastal research and education center

Laboratory complex: 2700 Savannah Highway
Research Fields: 2865 Savannah Highway
Charleston, SC 29414
P: (843) 402-5399

State-Wide Research Collaborations

Six Research and Education Centers are a network of centers located strategically throughout the state according to the state’s soil and climate regions that support and encourage associations between Clemson Agricultural Experiment Station, Clemson Cooperative Extension, and various industries. Researchers work to find solutions to the world’s challenges in how to feed a growing global population, conserve natural resources, enhance the vibrancy of the state’s agricultural and natural resources economies, and assist not only South Carolinians but also globally to improve the quality of life.

Map of Research and Education Centers

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    Coastal Research and Education Center
    Coastal Research and Education Center | 2700 Savannah Hwy, Charleston, SC 29414