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Student Resources

Undergraduate Programs

Ecology (Area of Study)

Environmental & Natural Resources

Forest Resources Management

Wildlife & Fisheries Biology

Academic Advisor:
   Amy Sanders, 

Graduate & PostGraduate Programs

Forest Resources (MFR, MS, PhD)

Wildlife and Fisheries Biology  (MSPhD,
    online MS (non-thesis)

Graduate Coordinator: 
    Dr. Alan Johnson,

Agriculture, Forestry & Life Sciences (Non-Degree Graduate)

Admission in this category is for students who do not want to gain a degree. For example: teaching certificate or recertification. If you wish to obtain a degree at a later date, then you will have to re-apply to the appropriate Degree program. In general, the only supportive material required for non-degree admission is an official transcript showing an appropriate background and confirming the awarding of a bachelor’s degree or higher. Be sure to check with the department to ensure you have the appropriate materials. In most cases, International Students are not eligible for Non-Degree Status.