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Forestry and Environmental Conservation

Graduate Programs

Forest Resources (MFR, M.S., Ph.D.)

Wildlife and Fisheries Biology (MWFR, M.S., Ph.D.)

Handbook (PDF)

Previous handbooks are available upon request. If interested in archived handbooks please email Alexis Jennings at


Alexis Jennings
Student Services Program Coordinator
Office: 253 Lehotsky Hall, Clemson, SC 29634-0317
Phone: 864-656-1645
Fax: 864-656-3304

Dr. Patrick Jodice
Graduate Program Coordinator
Office: 238 Lehotsky Hall, Clemson, SC 29634-0317
Phone: 864-656-6190
Fax: 864-656-3304

Dr. Thea Hagan
Program Director of Online MWFR Program
Office: 245 Lehotsky Hall, Clemson, SC 29634-0317
Phone: 864-656-4823
Fax: 864-656-3304

Wood forest in Clemson experimental forest
  • Current Courses

    To view the Spring 2023 course listings, please visit the Current Listing Page.

    Current Course Listings

  • Application Deadlines

    Deadlines for Domestic Applications:
    October 31 – Spring Entrance
    February 28 – Summer Entrance
    June 30 – Fall Entrance

    Deadlines for International Student Applications:
    The Graduate School recommends that international students’ applications are completed (submitted with all supporting materials) by:
    October 15 – Spring Entrance
    February 1 – Summer Entrance
    April 15 – Fall Entrance

    I-20s will not be issued after the following dates:
    November 15th for Spring Term
    April 15th for Summer Term
    July 1st for Fall Term

    Once admitted and all required documentation has been provided, allow for 2 weeks for an I-20 to be issued. Please plan accordingly.

  • Assistantships

    Graduate Assistantships for Underrepresented Students

    Two Graduate Assistantships Prioritized for Underrepresented Applicants at Clemson University (Department of Forestry and Environmental Conservation)

    Clemson University’s Department of Forestry and Environmental Conservation has designated funding for two Graduate Assistantships (MS and/or PhD) each academic year, ideally for aspiring students with traditionally underrepresented identities (BIPOC). The assistantships are 12-month assistantships in the amount of $18,000/year for 2 years (MS students) or $21,000/year for 3 years (PhD students). A full university tuition waiver is included, and full-time enrollment as a graduate student is required. 

    Please note that aspiring students will need to connect with a faculty advisor and be accepted into the Department’s Graduate Program in order to be eligible for the assistantship. Students that feel qualified for this award should consider mentioning it when communicating with potential faculty advisors. Students on these assistantships will be expected to TA for the Master of Wildlife and Fisheries Resources (online) degree program one semester each year.

  • Clubs

    Natural Resources Graduate Student Association

    Are you a graduate student interested in Natural Resources, Ecology, and/or the Environment?

    The Natural Resource Graduate Student Association (NRGSA) was founded over ten years ago for the purpose of bringing together graduate students with an interest in Natural Resources for professional development (e.g., seminars, workshops), service to the community (e.g., donation drives, forest clean-ups), and social activities (e.g., social hours, camping, hiking, sporting events). We also provide travel awards to members in our organization as part of our dedication to professional development.

    Visit NRGSA

    Questions? Please email us at

    To view a full list of clubs offered within CAFLS, visit the clubs page.

Department of Forestry and Environmental Conservation
Department of Forestry and Environmental Conservation | 261 Lehotsky Hall Box 3403317 Clemson, SC