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Forestry and Environmental Conservation

Cooperative Extension: Forestry & Wildlife Resources

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Master Wildlifer

Master Wildlifer is an advanced course designed for land managers, landowners, and wildlife enthusiasts who are interested in integrating wildlife considerations into their current land use and management activities.

Champion Trees of SC

A Champion (Big) Tree is the largest of its species according to a standard measuring formula based on trunk circumference, tree height, and average crown spread.

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Centennial Oak
clemson tax school by clemson extension

Clemson Tax School

The Clemson Tax School has provided tax education for South Carolina's tax professionals for over 59 years. Course offerings include Income Tax, Timber Tax, SC Ethics for CPAs and courses on special topics that cover time-sensitive or unique tax related issues as well as legislatively mandated tax program and policy updates.

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Master Tree Farmer

The Master Tree Farmer course is an educational series to help landowners maximize productivity, profitability, and protection of the legacy of their forest land. The program is an intensive educational opportunity designed to introduce landowners to the concepts of forest management.

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