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Dr. Kyle Barrett
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Agriculture, Forestry & Life Sciences (Non-Degree Graduate)

Admission in this category is for students who do not want to gain a degree. For example: teaching certificate or recertification. If you wish to obtain a degree at a later date, then you will have to re-apply to the appropriate Degree program. In general, the only supportive material required for non-degree admission is an official transcript showing an appropriate background and confirming the awarding of a bachelor’s degree or higher. Be sure to check with the department to ensure you have the appropriate materials. In most cases, International Students are not eligible for Non-Degree Status.

Nemours Wildlife Foundation Graduate Scholarship

Clemson University is pleased to announce the offering of a Nemours Wildlife Foundation's Graduate Scholarship in Wildlife Conservation. This scholarship was developed through a gift from the Nemours Wildlife Foundation honoring Laura and Eugene DuPont who support graduate education with the objectives of enhancing knowledge in wildlife conservation through scientific investigations and to develop the next generation of wildlife conservation professionals.