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Grant Support Services

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the first steps?

What will GSS help with?

  • Budget preparation - make sure budget conforms with all policies, correct rates are used, etc.
  • Make certain all CU and sponsor forms are completed correctly and appropriately signed/approved
  • Confirm all sponsor, application, and CU guidelines are followed
  • Ensure an on-time submission of proposal 

What is needed for a submission?

  • Program Guidelines
  • Scope of Work
  • Budget form (detailed budget and intake form tabs filled out)
  • Budget Narrative

Email to or bring to 108 Barre Hall
A grant coordinator will be assigned to your project to work with you for submission.

When does GSS need proposal materials?

We need things a minimum of five (5) business days. Please see Timeline policy for a matrix of when we may need extra days.

If you miss the 5-business day window – you will need to request a RUSH waiver from Dr. Paula Agudelo.  However, submission not guaranteed.

What happens once a proposal is awarded?

GSS will:

  • Review and negotiate the award to meet all CU and State of SC requirements
  • Work with the PI if any changes to the project need to be made (budget revisions, scope of work revisions, etc.)
  • Sign and return the award to the sponsor
  • Send the documents to Grants and Contracts Administration for account setup 

What are the current fringe rates?

FY 23-24 Proposed FY 24-25
9-month faculty 35.5% 38.2%
12 month or > 28 hrs/week 41.9% 43.2%
Part-time 28.3% 29.9%
Graduate students 8.6% 8.7%
Undergraduate students 1.7% 1.5%

What is the current indirect rate?

  • On Campus Research: 52.5%
  • On Campus Public Service: 34%
  • On Campus Instruction: 45%
  • Off Campus (all): 26%)

No waivers. If the sponsor allows, then we must budget F&A.

Current Rate Agreement

What is the current GAD rate?

24-25 Rate
Fall/Spring: $4,787
Summer I/II: $1,928
Total per year: $13,429

5% escalation for additional years.

Single rate tuition projections

Tuition Remission

Tuition and Fee Calculator

How to find funding? 

Clemson libguide for USDA

Clemson internal grants - R-Initiatives

Funding opportunities from OSP

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Grant Support Services
Grant Support Services | 108 Barre Hall, Clemson, SC 29634