Tigers Together Advocacy Training

Due to COVID-19, all trainings will be held online. The training can be conducted live via Zoom (for a group of 5 or more people) or be delivered asynchronously. For either option, please contact Kristi Nielson at kbussel@clemson.edu.

Clemson University has developed our Suicide Prevention Advocate Training based on Campus Connect, an experiential training that enhances advocates' knowledge, awareness, and skills concerning college student suicide. Emphasis is placed on developing empathic listening skills, communication skills and the ability to compassionately and directly ask students about suicidal thoughts. Through increased awareness of their own emotional reactions, advocates are able to more effectively respond to students’ emotional needs and increase the likelihood of a meaningful connection with appropriate professional resources. Suicide Prevention Advocate Training includes:

Workshops typically last one-and-a-half hours. Please request a workshop at least 4 weeks in advance of your preferred date.