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Capstone Projects



Summer 2018

Development of an Emergency Preparedness Assessment Tool for Handling Disaster Victims Who Have Serious Mental Illness


Carlisle, Erin

Fall 2015

Effectiveness of Home Fire Canvassing Campaigns: Saving Sweet Caroline


DeWitt, Matt III

Fall 2015

Case Study: A Pedestrian Focused Revitalization Effort, Helping to Turn Around a Struggling Downtown , in a Small-City?


Batson, Phillip

Fall 2014

Teen Pregnancy Prevention Program in Anderson County


Riddick, Brittney

Spring 2014

Afterschool Participation and Juvenile Delinquency: Can We Make a Difference?


Rogers, John M.

Spring 2014

The Recession of 2007-2009 and its Effects on Animal Shelter Adoption Rates in South Carolina


Brown, Vernita B.

Fall 2013

College Retention Rates Among Student-Parents: Formula for Success


Cameron, Angela

Summer 2013

City of Greer Parks and Recreation Strategic/Master Plan Evaluation

Local and State Government

Hicks, Charles

Spring 2013

Marijuana Legalization: Is it in our national interest?


Jammes, Sonia

Fall 2013

Baldrige Criteria for Performance Excellence for the Town of Bedford, Virginia


Kay, Josh

Spring 2013

Emergency Responders Self-Assessment of Preparedness

Emergency Management

Horace, Becky

Summer 2012

What is the Impact of CO2 Emissions in the Countries that Use the PUREX Process?

Regional Sustainability

Mathis, Amanda

Fall 2012

State Government Employee Wellness Programs: A study on the correlation betwewen state government employee's productivity and their body mass index

Local and State Government

Smith, Tracy

Fall 2012

Local Government Ethics in South Carolina: A Pilot Study of Perceptions and Practices

Local and State Government

Hudgins, Thomas

Spring 2011

Measuring the Effect of Arts Education Resources on SAT Scores


Marrett, Joe C III

Summer 2011

Emergency Management and Homeland Security Education Needs Assessment

Emergency Management

Bagwell, Elizabeth H.

Fall 2010

A Nonprofit Management Education State Level Needs Assessment

Non-Profit Management

Beckett, Mallory

Spring 2010

Exploring the Relationship between the Internet and Voting Patterns of Young Adults in the United States


Brewster, Alecia

Fall 2010

Exploring Factors Related to Minority Volunteerism in Greenville, South Carolina Nonprofits

Non-Profit Management

Bryant, Kristin

Spring 2010

Why are U.S. Economic Sanctions against Myanmar Assumed to be Ineffective?


Hornback, Bradley J.

Spring 2010

An Exercise in Futility?: Economic Sanctions and the Democratic People's Republic of Korea


Meares, Thomas S.

Summer 2010

Technology Acceptance in the Clemson MPA Program


Smith, Allyson

Fall 2010

Employee Insurance Program: A Case Study of the Strategic Planning Process at the State Program Level

Local and State Government

Smith, Candi F.

Spring 2010

Gender Gap Voting


Steese, Stephen

Fall 2010

Target Analysis on the Effects of Economic Factors on Enrollment