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Local & State Government

The Local Government Specialization is the cornerstone of the Clemson MPA. Many of our current students and graduates work within local and county government as department heads in city and county management. The specialization focuses on the policy environment in which the local manager must operate. Special emphasis is placed on policy implementation and evaluation.

Courses Include:

Local Government Administration – PADM 8680
Administration of local government from the perspective of the professional administrator; the growth of the manager form of local government; the role of local government administrators with regard to policy making, management, and the delivery of services.

Strategic Planning & Practice in the Public Sector – PADM 8480
This course presents analytic frameworks and conceptual theories that undergird planning, their application to the public sector, and strategic planning processes, moving from conducting a thorough needs assessment through SWOT, into plan implementation and outcomes assessment. It also includes discussion of the communication and evaluation of a strategic plan.

Managing Information Systems in Public Administration – PADM 8780 (Special Topics)
Anticipated learning outcomes: Understand the evolution of the public administration system, assess the political and policy factors affecting the success of projects, appreciate the nuances if managing information systems within the public and non- profit sectors, Understand the keys for successful implementations.

State Government Administration – PADM 8670
State government problems and policy issues emphasizing the modernization of government institutions and comparative state politics.

Grant Writing for Public Administration – PADM 8450
The class will cover:

  1. developing a fundable project;
  2. researching public/governmental corporate, and foundation funding sources;
  3. finding and using statistics to make ones case;
  4. writing a grant proposal;
  5. evaluating and disseminating project outcomes;
  6. managing grants, including finances, personnel, accountability reporting, and project sustainability.