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PhD in Biomedical Data Science & Informatics

Biomedical data science and informatics (BDSI) is an interdisciplinary field that applies concepts and methods from computer science and other quantitative disciplines with the principles of information science to solve challenging problems in biology, medicine and public health.

The nation's transition to new healthcare delivery models and the exponential growth in biomedical data translate to a need for biomedical professionals with expertise in data science, who can leverage big data to improve health in the state and the nation. Specialized tracks will initially include precision medicine, population health, and clinical and translational informatics.

The PhD in BDSI program is a unique collaboration that brings together Clemson’s strengths in computing, engineering, and public health and MUSC’s expertise in biomedical sciences to produce the next generation of data scientists, prepared to manage and analyze big data sources from mobile sensors to genomic and imaging technologies. Graduates will possess the necessary skills for informatics careers in biology, medicine or public health, with a focus on the development of prescriptive analytics derived from large fields of data.

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