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"Our faculty and graduate students are involved in diverse and challenging research projects, and the department has been the recipient of a number of grant awards from highly prestigious and selective national research programs."
Dr. Daniel Noneaker, Dept. Chair

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ECE Faculty Spotlight

ECE Faculty Spotlight

Dr. Eric Johnson

As the PalmettoNet Endowed Chair in Optoelectronics, Eric Johnson serves as the head of the South Carolina SmartState Center of Economic Excellence in Optoelectronics. He is a current ACC Distinguished Lecturer,  a special opportunity and honor conferred upon a member of the Clemson faculty once every three years. This is the highest academic honor conferred by the ACC Academic Consortium, whose goal is to stimulate cross-university collaborations.

Dr. Johnson's research spans the area of micro-optics and nano-photonics, with particular emphasis on active and passive photonic devices. Some of his major innovations include the development of methods for fabricating 3-Dimensional micro- and nano-optics (Meta-Optics), high power lasers, novel integrated fiber beam shaping devices utilizing multimode interference, sensors, fiber lasers, data communications, and passive optics for spectral and polarization filtering.