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"Our faculty and graduate students are involved in diverse and challenging research projects, and the department has been the recipient of a number of grant awards from highly prestigious and selective national research programs."
Dr. Daniel Noneaker, Dept. Chair

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ECE Faculty Spotlight

ECE Faculty Spotlight

Dr. Chris Edrington

As the Warren H. Owen Distinguished Professor in Electrical and Computer Engineering, Chris Edrington brings to Clemson deep experience in control systems, drive systems and applied power electronics.

His research interests include modeling, simulation, and control of electromechanical drive systems; applied power electronics; distributed control; integration of renewable energy, storage, and pulse power loads. Dr. Edrington has published over 160 papers (including 2 IEEE Prize Awards), has graduated 23 MS students and 16 PhD students (with 5 in process) and has 6 patents (in real-time stability and complexity metrics) with an additional 1 patent pending (for the design of a linear actuator for automotive applications).