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The Lyceum Program


Lyceum Alumni

Anthony Depietto

“My favorite part about the Lyceum Program was the Socratic Tutoring. Exchanging ideas with the expert faculty outside of the classroom setting was an interesting and rewarding opportunity that made me a better thinker, writer and student. Through the Lyceum Program, I learned how to communicate concisely about complex topics and how to think deeply about my moral character and life goals. These aspects of the program have proven to be invaluable as I begin my professional career.”

Anthony Depietto
Venture Analyst | DayBlink Ventures
Economics & Political Science, Class of ’21
Louise Frank

“My favorite part of the Lyceum program was the people! I met some of my best friends and most influential mentors through the incredible coursework and informal conversations surrounding the program, people who made the “Clemson Family” real for me. My time in the Lyceum Program completely altered my educational trajectory both by introducing me to political philosophy—I will be studying Philosophy and Politics at Oxford—and by providing me with faculty and program support while applying for the Rhodes Scholarship.”

Louise Franke
Rhodes Scholar | Oxford University, Balliol College
Biochemistry, Class of ’22
Meredith Johnson

“The aspect of the Lyceum Program which has prepared me for my future endeavors is the development of my critical thinking abilities. Through the great books education, reading and engaging with political philosophy while seriously considering all its possible premises, conclusions and errors has taught me to think deeply and critically about contemporary issues. It has taught me to think about problems differently, approach them with a mindset attuned to the deepest causes of the issues and strive for the best possible solutions.”

Meredith Johnson
Analyst | Singer Foundation
Political Science, Class of ’22
Lizzie Nealon

“The Lyceum Scholars Program honed my writing like few other programs could. Lyceum professors, especially Brandon Turner, Ph.D., provided pointed feedback and mentorship whenever I asked. Perhaps more importantly, the Lyceum Program pushed me to read the classics. Books like The Republic, The Spirit of the Laws, and Democracy in America informed my personal beliefs and worldview. The personal development side of the program is a key component, and frankly, discussing the classics with knowledgeable professors is just fun.”

Lizzie Nealon
Freelance Writer & Media Relations Advisor | D.C. Public Affairs Firm
Political Science & English, Class of ’20
Evan Patrohay

“My favorite part of the Lyceum Program was the courses on ancient wisdom. It was these courses that first gave me the desire to pursue morality, virtue and honor. The Lyceum Scholars Program has been an essential facet of my current path and future hopes. It has taught me how to read, write and think well and how to articulate my thoughts on the strengths of the American political system to those both at home and abroad. It has given me a desire to protect and impart the great legacy the Founding Fathers have left us.”

Evan Patrohay
Environmental Engineer | CDM Smith
Biosystems Engineering, Class of ’21
Matt Phillips

“My favorite part about the Lyceum Program was the professors. Not only were their classes engaging, but they cared deeply about the intellectual and personal development of their students. My profession requires me to interpret vague or arcane legal texts often and apply them to complex factual situations. The Lyceum Program taught me to read ancient and modern texts closely and thoughtfully, considering not only what the author said but also what he didn’t say, where he might have gone wrong and how his words apply to the world today.”

Matt Phillips
Law Clerk | U.S. Court of Appeals, 4th Circuit
Political Science, Class of ’20
Graham Pitman

“The Lyceum Scholars Program was integral in shaping skills that I now use daily: the high-level analysis of abstract concepts, the confidence to communicate boldly, and a willingness to learn. Without a doubt, the books I read and the conversations I shared in the Lyceum Scholars Program still guide my approach to the law through a deeper understanding of moral law, a renewed appreciation for our institutions, and, above all, a firmer foundation for my own convictions.”

Graham Pitman
Law Clerk | US District Court Judge
Marketing, Class of ‘19
Henry Thompson

“My favorite part of the Lyceum Program was its structure of small classes, student mentorship and emphasis on genuine learning rather than rote memorization. The breadth and depth of its great books program, alongside the Socratic seminars, taught me how to be curious. Thanks to the program, I came to see how little I truly understand, a realization that spurred me to pursue a Ph.D. and make learning my career.”

Henry Thompson
Assistant Professor of Economics | The University of Mississippi
Political Science & Economics, Class of ’17
Clemson Institute for the Study of Capitalism
Clemson Institute for the Study of Capitalism | 285 Chandler L. Burns Hall, Clemson, SC 29634