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Lyceum Fellows Program

Open to current Clemson University students

Lyceum Fellows Program

Explore the moral, political and economic foundations of a free society.

The Fellows program is the non-scholarship track of the Lyceum Program and is open to current Clemson students. It takes a great books approach to studying the moral, political and economic foundations of a free society. Students in the program learn ideas that are fundamental, timeless and life-changing.

At the end of their course of study, Lyceum Fellows graduate with the skills necessary to be serious thinkers, articulate speakers and eloquent writers, thus preparing them to move into careers in law, academia, policymaking and the business world.

The program is open to students of any major, but students who complete this course of study fulfill the requirements for a minor in Political Science ("Political and Legal Theory").

What I found in the Lyceum Program was a richness and depth my other classes sorely lacked. The classes and discussions painted a picture with more than just the broad strokes of politics and philosophy but filled in the details that helped me actually understand Western political and philosophic thought. The emphasis was never on rote memorization of facts, but rather on critical analysis and creative thinking.

- Jim Atwater, Economics, Class of '23

I would not be where I am today without the education and connections made through the Lyceum Program. The courses, readings and lectures ignited my passion for individual liberty, free markets and classical liberal values; and made me want to fight for them. Further, all of the connections I made within the classical liberal network, which led to my past career steps, my current clients and many of my closest friends, can be traced back to Lyceum events and seminars. To say I'm grateful for my experience in the program would be a radical understatement.

- Melanie Aycock, Graphic Communications, Class of '18

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