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The Lyceum Program

For Parents

For Parents

Choosing a college is a big decision, and it's one we take seriously. That is why the Lyceum Scholars Program strives to provide the best education possible for each one of its Scholars.

The program offers $10,000 scholarships for students to study the moral, political, and economic foundations of a free society using a great books approach. In this great books curriculum, Lyceum Scholars study the original works of western political thought and engage with foundational questions such as the nature of justice and the proper relationship of government to the individual, ideas that have contemporary relevance. It is through the rigorous examination of big ideas that Lyceum Scholars learn to think critically, write persuasively, and speak eloquently.

The Lyceum Scholars Program is also a small intellectual and social community within a large research university. Scholars take Lyceum classes together and are invited to participate in Lyceum Program lectures, reading groups, Scholar Teas and the Lyceum Abroad program.

Lyceum Scholars are assigned a Socratic Tutor, a Lyceum faculty member who meets with them one-on-one to discuss how the ideas being discussed in the classroom translate into their everyday lives. Many Lyceum Scholars describe their Socratic Tutor sessions as the highlight of their time at Clemson.

We value your interest in the Lyceum Scholars Program and look forward to considering your son or daughter for the Program.

The Lyceum Scholars Program was what really differentiated our son's education from what he would have received at other universities. The curriculum captured his interest immediately, and the classes honed both his debating and writing skills. What really struck his father and me, though, was his focus on developing his character. Through the classes, interactions with the cohort, and more specifically the mentorship of Professor Thompson and the other Socratic tutors, I saw our son develop from a fun loving teenager into a young man with a strong moral character, (who still likes to have fun.)

- Elizabeth Brown, Parent, Scholar Class of '22

Our daughter came across the Lyceum Scholars program during her college search and we immediately knew this program was unique. College is a big decision on many fronts, and the cost/benefit analysis for our family was key. I can say with absolute certainty the value of the Lyceum program far exceeds our expectations. Our daughter's freshman summer internship was a direct result of the academic rigor, pursuit of excellence, and professor commitment of the Lyceum Scholars Program.

- David Bedard, Parent, Scholar Class of '25

There is not a week that goes by that Claire doesn't call home just extolling the unbelievable aspects of Lyceum. The knowledge and skill set she has learned from this program are simply invaluable and will last her a lifetime. I can't praise this program and it's unbelievable professors/community enough.

- Lisa Woynerowski, Parent, Scholar Class of '22

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