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Spiro Institute

Venture Accelerator

Venture Accelerator

The Clemson Venture Accelerator serves all students, faculty, and staff looking to start or advance an entrepreneurial venture by providing an entrepreneurial community and support throughout the stages of developing their company including workshops, incubator workspace, peer mentoring programs, advising and other valuable resources. Selected student businesses are given access to a professional and semiprivate workspace to grow and manage their businesses between classes.


In this phase students are generating and exploring ideas, conducting research and validating market opportunities. This involves industry and market analysis to determine the feasibility of an opportunity and an articulation of the problem, social and/or economic need. A feasibility study must be completed before moving to the next phase.


This phase involves shaping the opportunity and creating a plan for execution. This involves market research, talking to customers, building prototypes, proving technologies, and building leadership teams.

Launch and Grow

In this phase, ventures are launched and executed, and students "live" the experience; creating a revenue stream, finding investors, and marketing their products and services.

For more information about Clemson Venture Accelerator, contact the Spiro Institute.

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