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Students presenting at The Walter Hunter Business Plan Competition and Lecture Series Pitch Smackdown.
Spiro Institute

Pitch Smackdown

Spiro Institute for Entrepreneurial Leadership

The Walter Hunter Business Plan Competition and Lecture Series Pitch Smackdown

  • Open to all full and part-time Clemson University students.
  • Everyone is encouraged to come and cheer on our best and most diverse set of teams!
  • Present your team's idea for up to six minutes.
  • Answer up to four minutes of questions from the judges who are members of the Spiro Institute for Entrepreneurship Leadership Board (highly accomplished serial entrepreneurs and investors).
  • Awards ceremony. Up to $10,000 in total prize money, courtesy of Spiro Institute.
When? Where?
  • The Wilbur O. and Ann Powers College of Business in Phyfer Auditorium.
  • Sharpen your skills, gain experience, and advance your venture pursuits.
  • Forge valuable relationships and compete for terrific prize money.

The Spiro Institute Funded Competition Procedures:

  • If you haven't already (which we recommended you do before you enter), decide how the funds will be divided amongst your team members.
  • The Spiro office manager notifies Financial Aid of prize allocations.
  • Financial Aid decides how prizes can be delivered to your team members (direct payment or loan balance reduction).
  • If Financial Aid determines payment cannot be processed due to scholarship restrictions, The Spiro Institute will discuss with the student other payment options (educational conference, self-improvement, etc.).
  • Clemson University sends your team members a 1099 in January of the following year that reflects your prize earnings.

Results of the 2023 Event

Congratulations to Spiro's 2023 campuswide Walter Hunter Business Competition winners!

1st Place: Better Board
The Better Board addresses problems with the existing backboards used for prehospital transport of patients with suspected spinal injuries, which are inadequate and unsafe for larger patients. Current EMS backboards do not work for the 42% of people that are obese and the 16% of people that are over 6 feet tall. The Better Board is an emergency transport board that expands to accommodate taller patients. The Better Board maximizes space in the ambulance by only expanding when needed. It maximizes functionality by allowing for different configurations of restraints, displaying durability to carry weights up to 650 lbs, and ensuring safety for patients of all sizes.

group photo of first place winners

2nd Place: SeaTree
SeaTree solves the annoyance of sand getting in your bags and belongings at the beach. Currently, beachgoers typically put their bags on the sand and have no place to store personal belongings such as wet towels or clothing. SeaTree is an organization device that is easily inserted into the ground and can hold your belongings elevated over the sand.

group photo of second place winners

3rd Place: Simplify
Simplify helps students with issues taking quality notes and retaining class material adequately. It is a SaaS product that allows users to record lectures, get summaries and access study tools based on the material. Simplify is better than other platforms like Chegg because the information can be tailored to the classes and specific material being learned.

group photo of third place winner

Allen Martin Prize: Girlslovelace
Girlslovelace offers hair loss solutions for those suffering from hair loss. These unique solutions feature glueless capabilities that allow wigs to be worn without glue and fit the specific customer.

group photo of third place winner

Spiro Board Members from left to right: John Hannon, Stan Clifford, Edward Giard, Frank Blake, Allison Conrad, Keith Hudgins. Not pictured: Peter Markham, Woody Bryan, Matt Given, Andy Monin, Greg Smith, Mark Weidick

Spiro Board Members: From left to right (John Hannon, Stan Clifford, Edward Giard, Frank Blake, Allison Conrad, Keith Hudgins
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