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COVID-19 Testing

COVID-19 Dashboard

The data below are derived from multiple testing sources: Manual COVID-19 test results uploaded by students and university employees prior to campus return*, mandatory return-to-campus testing for students and university employees*, mandatory testing for on-campus students at dormitory move-in date*, symptomatic-based testing of students and university employees, along with testing of contacts, and surveillance-based testing of students and university employees.

*These tests were conducted prior to campus return; the number of positive (and negative) tests are not representative of infections occurring on-campus.

Key dates: Clemson University implemented a phased reopening, beginning online classes on August 19th and in-person classes on September 21st. Surveillance-based testing of all students and university employees began on September 23rd. On October 6th, testing capacity was increased to test all on-campus students on a weekly basis. Our surveillance testing strategies are based upon statistical and epidemiological sampling methods for the entire University population.

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