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bumble bee on a beautiful yellow flower
Cooperative Extension: Integrated Pest Management


Agronomic Crop Specialists

hehe wang

Hehe Wang

Plant Pathologist

jeremy greene

Jeremy Greene

Agronomic Crop Entomologist

francis reay-jones

Francis Reay-Jones

Agronomic Crop Entomologist

dan anco

Dan Anco

Associate Director, CAFLS and PSA Programming

mike marshall

Mike Marshall

Extension Agronomic Weed Specialist

john mueller

John Mueller

Agronomic Crop Pathologist

Vegetable Specialists

brian ward

Brian Ward

Organic Vegetable Specialist

anthony keinath

Anthony Keinath

Vegetable Pathologist

matthew cutulle

Matthew Cutulle

Vegetable Weed Specialist

Horticulture Specialists

joseph roberts

Joseph Roberts

Turfgrass Pathologist

guido schnabel

Guido Schnabel

Fruit Pathologist

juan carlos melgar

Jaun Carlos Melgar


brett blaauw

Brett Blaauw

Peach Entomologist

Pollinator Specialist

ben powell

Benjamin Powell

Apiculture and Pollinator Specialist