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Effective:  07/01/09
Revised:    07/01/09
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Note:  Online training for the "Payroll Corrections Form" and for "Payroll Correction Approval" may be accessed from the CUBS homepage.

Payroll transactions are presumed to have been approved on the "front end" and supported by timesheets, Principal Investigator (PI) certifications, and other written documentation.  Corrections should only be made to address errors that occurred in posting, or to adjust based on information that was not available as of the posting of the original transaction.

Information Needed

Prior to processing a payroll correction (PRC) transaction, the following information will be needed:

  • Employee id for the transaction being corrected
  • Journal id for the transaction being corrected
  • Chartfield strings being corrected and the "new" chartfield string and/or amounts to be charged (all of the above may be obtained from the Payroll Detail Report on the P Drive for respective Budget Centers)
  • Detailed description for the purpose of the correction
  • Mission Vice President approval for corrections occurring on or after 90 days from the original payroll transaction posting.

Payroll Correction Form

  • Access the "Payroll Correction Form" from the CUBS home page. (CU employee authentication will be required)
  • The cursor will be in the "Journal ID" field, beginning with a "PRC" prefix. Please enter a department number followed by a three-character identifier. Note: please confer with the individuals in your Budget Center who will ultimately be approving PRC transactions to determine which department number to enter. They may prefer the department number for the transaction being corrected, or, your department number, if different.
  • Enter the "Run Control ID" for the transaction being corrected. Note: this will be the last three alpha characters in the originally posted Journal ID
  • Enter the "Program", "Class", "Department", and "Project" chartfield string information from the originally posted transaction as requested.
  • Enter a detailed description for the transaction. Note: avoid general statements, such as, "Correct from project 1500000". Please provide a sufficient description to subsequently allow approvers, PI's, auditors, and other individuals to fully understand the reason for the correction. As a rule, it is a good idea to include both the original and the destination chartfield string in the description.
  • Enter the number of correcting lines needed. For example, if you are correcting an original transaction posted to one chartfield string, and wish to correct to another single chartfield string, select "1." If you wish to correct to two chartfield strings, select "2," etc.
  • After line selection, the Form will be populated with the original transaction and amounts, and the number of selected lines. Note: you will not be able to change the previously posted account. Fringe distributions were based on this account and cannot be changed later.
  • You will have the opportunity to change the other chartfield strings and amounts as needed.
  • Note: the transaction is dated as of today, the date of the original transaction is included in the Journal Line Reference field.
  • When complete, select "Verify". Account and Fringe distribution lines will appear on a subsequent screen. Note: you will not see debit and credits on this screen, but they will be presented correctly when uploaded into CUBS.
  • If satisfied, select "Final Submit." You will receive a notice that your transaction will load to CUBS overnight and will be available for approval tomorrow.
  • If not satisfied, select the backspace button on your web browser. You will note that your destination line has reset to the same chartfield string as the original transaction.

Payroll Correction Approval

  • Payroll correction (PRC) transactions entered into the custom web module are uploaded to CUBS Financials nightly.
  • Authorized approvers may view PRC transactions in CUBS Financials at: CU_CUSTOM - GENERAL LEDGER - UPDATES - WEB PAY CORRECTION
  • PRC transactions should be identifiable by the "PRC" prefix in the first three characters, a four character departmental identifier, and then a unique three character identifier (ie., PRC 5308 001)
  • Approvers should coordinate PRC naming conventions with individuals in your Budget Center to facilitate quick identification of transactions to be approved.
  • Approvers select the PRC transaction(s) to be reviewed.
  • When satisfied, Approvers select the "Approved" radio button in CUBS Financials to remove the transaction from "Hold".
  • For PRC transactions on or after 90 days from the original payroll transaction, approvers should verify that mission Vice President approval has been obtained.
  • Unapproved PRC transactions will remain on "Hold" status and will be deleted after three months of the current fiscal year.

General Rules/Comments

  • Payroll corrections may "only" be processed with the "Payroll Correction Form", one transaction at a time. Access to payroll-related 5xxx compensation and fringe accounts in CUBS Financials is blocked to prevent original entry in the Journals panels.
  • Provided mission VP approvals have been obtained for corrections submitted on or after 90 days from the original transaction, departments may enter corrections for transactions posted to previous fiscal years. Note: these corrections will be posted as of the current date.
Once approved and posted, PRC transactions are written back to the CU_PAYROLL_JRNL table in CUBS Financials with an "old" Run Control identifier, but a current posting date.