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New Applicants

New applicants include anyone who wishes to apply as a degree seeking student or a non-degree seeking student, and has not attended the Graduate School at Clemson University.

Admission to the Non-Degree category is restricted primarily to those who may benefit professionally from additional study at the graduate level. In all cases the non-degree student must receive permission from the Program Coordinator or the Department Chair before enrolling in any graduate course. 

When you are ready to begin the application, simply click the Apply Now button at the bottom of the page.

Steps to Submitting Your Application

Create Your ApplyWeb Account

Clemson's application is hosted by CollegeNet. You will be asked to create a user ID and password. Once you have created your user ID and password, CollegeNet allows you to complete portions of the application, save the work and then return at a later time to complete and submit the application.


Fill out your application. After you are satisfied that ALL information in your application is correct, you may SUBMIT your application.

Check Status

After you have completed the online application, validated your data, and paid your application fee, your application will be forwarded to Clemson.

Application Status Check
How to Submit Multiple Applications

Clemson allows you to apply to more than one program, however each application must be submitted individually with a separate application fee.

All applications at Clemson are customized to meet the needs of each specific program and are not interchangeable between programs. After you have submitted the first application and paid the application fee, you must return to the online application using your same User ID and password and change your major. You must submit the second application and then you will be prompted to pay another application fee. 

Non-degree Applications

Admission in this category is for students who do not want to gain a degree. For example: teaching certificate or recertification. If you wish to obtain a degree at a later date, then you will have to re-apply to the appropriate degree program and you may only transfer up to 12 credit hours of completed course work. In general, the only supportive material required for non-degree admission is a transcript showing an appropriate background and confirming the awarding of a bachelor's degree or higher. Be sure to check with the department to ensure you have the appropriate materials. In most cases, International Students are not eligible for Non Degree Status. If you are not sure which application to submit (Graduate, Undergraduate, or Former Student Returning), please use the Non-degree Checklist to assist you.

Conditional Language Admission

Currently, only the programs listed on the Conditional Language Admission page at Clemson University have agreed to consider applicants for conditional letters of admission (CLA’s) pending successful completion of an approved ESL program.

Visit the Conditional Language Admission page for a list of steps that explains this application process

Fac/Staff-CU Employee Applicants

Admission for Faculty, Staff, & Employees of Clemson University are subject to the same requirements, approvals and academic regulations as all other applicants.

No member of the faculty or staff who has a rank higher than instructor or its equivalent may be considered as a candidate for an advanced degree in the academic department where employed.

More information on the Employee Tuition Assistance Program can be found here.

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Technical Difficulties
If you have technical difficulties while completing your application or letters of recommendation, you should send an e-mail to and include your User ID in the e-mail. The technicians at CollegeNet will be able to look at your application or letters of recommendation and help correct the problem. 

International: Applicants to Clemson graduate programs who are non-residents of the US are assigned an NR number. If you already have an NR number, please have it available when you complete the online application, so that you can enter it in the appropriate place. If you do not already have an NR number, you will be provided one when you complete the online application. PLEASE SAVE THIS NUMBER.  YOU WILL NEED IT TO INQUIRE ABOUT YOUR APPLICATION.