Staff Tuition Information

Employees of Clemson University are allowed to register for up to six hours free of charge per Academic term. Employees must have worked for twelve (12) consecutive months, be in good standing as it relates to conduct and job performance, and working 75 percent time (30 hours) or greater in either an FTE, Temporary Time Limited or Temporary Grant position.

Effective Fall 2017, both the undergraduate and graduate student benefit provides a benefit covering 100 percent of all your mandatory academic fees, activity/program fees, differential fees, and lab fees for up to 6 hours per academic term. You are responsible for the payment of any additional hours.

All fees are due by the payment deadline. Late fees and schedule cancellation may apply for unpaid balances.

  • Employee Tuition Assistance Program Details
  • Taxation
    IRS Code Section 117(d) exempts all undergraduate tuition and other educational assistance from taxation for University employees. According to IRS regulations (Code Section 127), tuition and other educational assistance in excess of $5,250, provided to employees enrolled as graduate students, is taxable. Amounts identified as taxable will be included as wages and taxes will be withheld accordingly.