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Office of Human Resources

COVID-19 Resources for Staff and Faculty

Additional information is available on the University’s COVID-19 Guidance and Campus Resources webpage site.

Employee Support

Clemson’s Employee Assistance Program is a resource for all employees and their families, including spouses, dependents, and other household members.

The Employee Wellness Series provides employees with helpful information and skill building opportunities focused on a variety of mental health topics.

The Caregivers Support Task Force maintains a list of area caregiving services accessible for anyone with Clemson University credentials. Accessing the document requires readers to use DUO two-factor authentication.

Additional Resources

Employee Leave FAQ

  • Does the Family and Medical Leave Act apply to COVID-19?

    Yes. If an employee or a qualifying family member contracts COVID-19, it may constitute a “serious health condition” under the FMLA and a resulting leave of absence may be FMLA qualifying if the employee meets the other requirements to be covered by the FMLA. However, the FMLA generally does not cover staying home to avoid becoming sick.

    The provisions of the FMLA do not, however, apply to leave taken because a child’s school or place of care is closed, or the child care provider is unavailable.

  • Can an employee who is on leave related to COVID-19 be advanced sick leave?

    Yes. The University can advance up to 15 workdays of additional sick leave to leave-eligible employees in extenuating circumstances, which includes contracting COVID-19 or isolating as a result of potential COVID-19 exposure.

  • Can an employee directed to isolate by a health professional or based on University protocols use sick leave?

    Yes. If a health professional recommends isolation for an employee who accrues leave, or the employee is required to isolate based on University protocol, the employee can use accrued sick leave.

  • Are employees required to use leave to receive vaccinations?

    Employees are encouraged to be vaccinated during lunch breaks, outside of work hours or onsite, if available. If an employee is unable to receive the vaccine during non-work hours or to make up the work time missed to receive the vaccine, the employee will be required to use sick leave, annual leave or compensatory time for their time away from work.

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