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Energy Innovation Center
Charleston Innovation Campus


Wind Turbine Test Beds

The World’s Most Advanced Wind-turbine Drivetrain Testing Facility

The Dominion Energy Innovation Center houses the world’s most advanced wind-turbine drivetrain testing facility capable of full-scale, highly accelerated mechanical and electrical testing of advanced drivetrain systems for wind turbines.

15 MW Test Rig

The larger of the two test stands is a flexible unit that accommodates complete geared and direct-drive wind-turbine nacelles up to 15 MW, in addition to large turbine gearboxes and generators. The drive unit consists of two 8,700-kW, asynchronous, water-cooled motors and an adaptation gearbox.

7.5 MW Test Rig

The “smaller” test stand is a flexible unit designed to handle gearboxes and nacelles for wind turbines up to 7.5 MW. The drive unit consists of one 8,700-kW, asynchronous, water-cooled motor.

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