Academic Continuity Student Information

Clemson University is dedicated to continuing significant investments in its academic continuity program. In a real emergency which often occurs with little to no notice, having a plan and knowing how to implement it will contribute greatly to our community resiliency and help prevent delays in achieving academic goals. 

Start Here with the eLearning Student Quick Guide

Need an accessible version? Check out the eLearning Student Quick Guide in an accessible PDF.

General Academic Continuity: What do you need to do?

  • If notified of an extended campus closure, do not physically attend any class on campus.
  • Look for Academic Continuity class objectives from your instructor.
  • Know and understand the expectations from your instructor(s) including due dates.
  • Have access to resources needed to complete activities scheduled for the day (such as Canvas and enough bandwidth to watch videos). 
  • Know the best way to reach your instructor with questions about the course activities.
  • If you have a lab, please clarify with your instructor the lab activity expectations.

Prepare to Work Remotely

What if I have out-of-classroom activities, such as clinical or field placements? 

Students involved in these activities should receive direction from their faculty and supervisors at clinicals or field placements. If you do not receive direction, you should contact them for instructions.

Have a Question about Accessibility?

Career Services and Experiential Learning Services Are Now Virutal

Our staff members continue to work remotely and are eager to serve you, even though our on-campus offices are closed. The link below will send you to our COVID-19 Updates and Information page with further information.