Business Guidance - COVID-19 - Updated 8/19/2020

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PBS Recommendations

PPE Store 

Clemson PPE Online Store

Procurement and Business Services has created an online store accessible for Requisitioners and others who are approved by their Business Officers to place orders for needed PPE supplies. If you have questions or concerns, please email

Package Deliveries

FedEx, UPS, Other 3rd Party

For more detailed information on package deliveries, click here.

Official Mail

USPS mail will be delivered and stored at the Dillard Building located at 105 Klugh Avenue.  And will be available for pick up from 10:00am to 4:00 pm daily. Any outgoing USPS mail or UPS packages can also be dropped off during those hours.

Bring Identification when picking up mail, employees picking up mail must present a valid Clemson Employee Identification Card along with either a valid Driver’s License, a valid state identification card or a valid passport. For more detailed information on official mail, click here.

Ship To Home

Having orders shipped to your home is allowable provided the items are critical and required to support virtual learning or remote work. If you are not on campus due to COVID-19 and your office is not on the critical locations list; you can have critical items shipped to your home provided you follow the guidelines. 

  • This process is not to be used for previously purchased goods or services.
  • You can provide a written justification that the items were critical and required to support virtual learning or working remotely
  • The order can be placed with a University P-Card
  • You understand that you MUST provide an original receipt.
  • You cannot purchase personal or other unauthorized items with the University P-Card.
  • You understand that you cannot place orders without a University P-Card.
  • You will not be reimbursed for items purchased using personal funds or credit cards.
  • For guidance on shipping to a home address, click here


Printers should be procured through Ricoh and follow all normal protocol for printers and plotters

Due to secured file issues, controlled documents PBS’s does not recommend purchasing in home printers. Any documentation requiring a signature can be completed by utilizing an electronic signature software such as Adobe.  To truly work remotely, there would be no need to print to paper - would you be mailing that paper to someone to review or take action???

Computer Hardware

Computer hardware should be purchased through authorized manufacturers using BuyWays or through the Campus Computer Store

Utilize equipment in your primary office or call University Surplus (864)656-2092 if additional items are required as first options. Contact CCIT for other options before purchasing new devices. Purchasing new devices currently may be a challenge at best due to supply chain issues.

IT Resources

CCIT will have guidance for those who are remote during COVID-19. 


Click here for more information regarding CCIT's remote guidance. 


Cell Phones

Authorized employees would receive compensation in the form of a personal communication stipend. Simple convenience is not a criterion for a personal communication stipend

You are required to meet all the requirements and eligibility criteria as outlined by HR. Strongly urge supervisors to consider if an employee really will have an incremental cost related to COVID19 that requires a stipend. 

Free/Affordable Internet 

These services are provided by carriers offering affordable internet services during COVID-19 

For information regarding Free/Affordable Internet, click here

Cleaning Supplies

Southeastern Paper Group Inc currently holds the contract to provide all of our janitorial supply needs for use in an office or office-like environment

If ordering additional cleaning supplies outside what you currently have, be reasonable in the amount in which you purchase. An office of 10 people does not need a case of Lysol, hand sanitizer/soap, etc

Personal Reimbursements

Employees may be reimbursed for reasonable expenses as agreed upon by Department heads if allowed by budget center/college policy.

In order to maintain control over perceived “emergency” purchases, we highly discourage personal reimbursements as a way to make purchases during this period.

Contracts/Ordering Goods

All contracts are still available through buyWays and by use of University PCards

If your department/division has been identified by the Provost as a critical location (list can be found here) there is no need to ship items to your home.  Order items as usual and they will be delivered to the regular campus location.  


Refer to the University’s Travel page as updates are being made daily

Due to current policy and guidance related to employee travel, ANY new travel planned after 3/5/2020 should be planned through our contracted travel agent, Christopherson Business Travel.  This will allow for the most economical process to manage potential future changes or cancellations related to travel restrictions. Any travel not booked with our contracted travel agent will not be reimbursed. Continue to monitor communications for travel guidance and restrictions to include the High-Risk Travel Policy.


Refer to the PCard policy and procedures for more information

For all receipts collected while remote, PBS’s recommendation is for cardholders to take a picture of all receipts using their mobile phone. In turn, email it to their liaison noting any details required either written on the receipt like normal or in the body of the email. The receipt can then be saved and uploaded to Works as a PDF to meet receipt requirements. We are not changing or pushing back default dates. If your Cardholders are not uploading their own receipts into WORKS, this is an opportunity for them to gain access to WORKS and start uploading their receipts.

Click here for Tips on Transitioning to Paperless Environment. 

*For information on Cardholders getting access to Works, email

Amazon Business Prime 

Contacting Amazon Business Prime during COVID-19

Amazon Business Prime has shared recent updates on how to contact them due to COVID-19 if you have questions regarding your Clemson University Amazon account.

Log into the Clemson University Amazon website. Across the top, you will have a menu to select the HELP option. You will click on the HELP option where you can choose the CONTACT US option at the top of the menu. For further instructions, click on the CONTACT US link.  

The CONTACT US page is where you see all the options & latest updates regarding COVID-19. Amazon is promoting the CHAT option if you need assistance. We ask that you do not include your 16-digit card number in this chat session at any time due to the risk of fraud. The information to provide to Amazon is your name, email address & last 4 digits of your PCard number.

It also states they can return your call, which may be the best option. If you have the CRI Reference number, this will help Amazon track your order.

Email Lynn Crawford or Sam Young if you have questions or concerns about Amazon Business Prime.

PPE Special Request

PPE Special Orders that were requested by Business Officers/Departments. Items that were requested in addition to the recommended items by the EOC were deemed not necessary.

For information on recommended University Departments PPE, click here. 


Travel Note:  Due to the evolving nature of COVID-19, it is critical that any future travel is booked through the University-contracted travel agent. Any travel booked after 3/6 which is not booked through the university-contracted travel agent is not eligible for reimbursement.  Using the university contracted travel agent will allow the university to account for our employees on University-related travel and manage future changes or cancellations due to travel restrictions. For current information on COVID-19, visit the Clemson University COVID-19 update and resources page located here.

How to Book Online Travel 

More Information on Online Travel Booking Platform