Add a New User to buyWays

Complete this form to add a new employee, student or graduate assistant to Clemson buyWays. Allow 3-5 business days for the user to be added to buyWays.  An email will be sent to the new user once their account is active.  THIS FORM IS NOT A VENDOR ADDITION FORM. Refer to the Suppliers Information page if you are someone doing business with Clemson University.

Once added, the user will have the role of Shopper. This role will allow the user to:

  • create and assign shopping carts
  • view all Clemson and SC State contracts
  • view all suppliers
  • view and shop from all punch-out suppliers
  • view and shop from all hosted catalog suppliers
  • access all Clemson forms
  • view order, invoice and requisition history

It is recommended that all new users review the documents and tutorials available on the buyWays training portal. In person buyWays training is available upon request.  Email to schedule an appointment.

Important note - do not use this form to update an existing user's information. Any current buyWays user can update their profile information by clicking on the my profile tab in buyWays. For more info on updating your existing profile refer to the user guides available on the buyWays training portal.

User Information (Clemson Employee, Student or Grad Student ONLY:)  *REQUIRED FIELDS
*First Name:
*Last Name:
*User Email:
*User Phone (i.e. 864-656-2390):
*Primary reason for requesting buyWays access:
Shipping Information (Please include all of the information below)
Ship To Room #:
*Ship to Building Name:
*Ship To Department Name:
Default Accounting Codes: (i.e.:  5365 101 130 1500000 - Acct # and Fund Code not necessary)
*Department (4 digits):
Class (3 digits):
Program (3 digits):
Project (7 digits):
Requisitioner Name: (This is the Accountant or Admin Assistant in your department, leave blank if unknown)
Requisitioner Name:
Information of Person Making Request:
*Name of person making request:
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Requester Email: