Adding Instructors

Adding Instructors to Courses in iROAR

Registration Coordinators should attempt to assign Instructors (Faculty or GTRs) to their courses FIRST in iRoar. It is best to search for an instructor with their CID in the system. If an error message is encountered, only then should the iROAR Request Form be completed by the departmental Registration Coordinator.

Individual instructors should not submit the iRoar Request Form for themselves since most errors are resolved by the department coordinators. The majority of instructors gain access automatically 2 weeks prior to the start of the semester or within 24 hours of having an activated PeopleSoft/HR record if there is less than 2 weeks before the start of the semester.

If the form needs to be completed, please be sure to include the CID, Name, Department, access Type needed (Faculty or GTR) and Term access should begin. Access continues on a rolling basis as long as employment is maintained. Only one form should be completed per individual or group of individuals needing access.