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Student Financial Aid

Participation Confirmation

United States Department of Education regulations require that students receiving federal student aid (i.e.: Pell Grant, direct loans and work study) are attending the classes for which they have registered. For a student to retain their financial aid, each of the student’s instructors must verify that the student has attended class at least once before the last day to withdraw without a W. Instructors are not required to take daily attendance.

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What is participation confirmation?

Participation confirmation is the process by which Clemson University documents that a student has participated in each class in which they are enrolled within the designated period. 

Why are we implementing participation confirmation?

The U.S. Department of Education has required that institutions confirm that a student is eligible for the type and amount of federal aid disbursed for each term. The confirmation includes the student’s participation in the classes on which their aid is based.

What is the Participation Confirmation timeline?

Participation Confirmation Timeline
Part of Term Students Must Demonstrate Participation Last Day to Confirm Participation

Summer 2024

May 14 - May 21

May 21

First Summer

May 14 - May 20

May 20

Second Summer

June 27 - July 2

July 2

Summer Mini A

May 14 - May 15

May 15

Summer Mini B

June 4 - June 5

June 5

Summer Mini C

June 25 - June 26

June 26

Summer Mini D

July 17 - July 18

July 18