Grade Entry

Final grades are entered in iROAR > Faculty Self-Service > Final Grades.

Deadlines for entering final grades for each part-of-term are published in the Academic Calendar. Please note that there are deadlines for Graduation Candidate Grades and a deadline for Other Non-Candidate grades. When you are ready to enter Candidate grades, you can sort each grade entry page by Candidates by double-clicking the arrow in the Candidate column heading. You will need to perform the sort on every results page — iROAR will not bring all candidates to the top for the entire document.

After the Candidate grade-entry deadline, the grade system will be turned off while grades are processed. When the jobs are complete, the Candidate grades you entered will be rolled to history — look for the green checkmark in the Rolled column. Once rolled to history, any changes to a grade will go through the Grade Correction workflow in iROAR (See Grade Correction). *Please note that any Non-Candidate grades entered will be processed and rolled to history along with the Candidate grades.

The process is repeated for entering Other Non-Candidate grades.

Grade-entry deadlines are strictly enforced for both Candidates and Non-Candidates.

What happens if I miss the grade entry deadline?

When grades are processed, missing grades are rolled to history as NG — No Grade. Changing an NG grade to a letter grade requires a Grade Correction for each student. There is no way to get around this. If you have a class of 100 students and the grade-entry deadline has passed and grades have rolled to history, you will need to submit a Grade Correction for each of the 100 students.

Grade Corrections

All grade corrections are made in iROAR. Grade Corrections are for grades entered into the Grade Entry System incorrectly or when no grade was entered by the grade-entry deadline. The Grade Correction Workflow is also used to change an Incomplete grade to a final grade.

To access the Grade Correction Workflow, go to iROAR 〉 Faculty Self-Service 〉 Grade Correction.

Available options are:
  • Grade Correction
  • Grade Correction Status
  • Incomplete Grade Extension

Once submitted, the grade correction will be routed to the department chair and dean for approval. Department chairs and deans will receive an email with a link to approve the grade correction. The instructor who initiated the correction and the student affected will receive a confirmation email once the grade is successfully changed. For assistance with the grade correction process, contact Enrolled Student Services, 864-656-2174.