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Event Services

Campus Reservations and Events is pleased to offer event support in all our reservable spaces. Our operations team will accommodate your staffing, equipment, and technical needs - making setup a breeze for you! Additionally, we have student and professional event coordinators on staff to help assist you with complex requests and ensure a successful and safe event. While not every event will be assigned a coordinator, you are welcome to request one as you see fit.


Our services are available with advance notice and sufficient available resources. We encourage clients to submit reservation requests several months in advance to avoid scheduling conflicts. Please note, we accept reservations up to one year in advance. If you would like to discuss your event needs with us, please email us at and our staff will be happy to review your request.

While most simple reservations do not require an event coordinator, some large-scale or high profile events may require additional assistance. Campus Reservations & Events coordinators review reservation requests and assign staff as needed.


What we offer to you:


  • Setting up in-person meetings (1-2 meetings, as necessary)
  • Creating drawn-to-scale diagrams for your event (1-2 revisions)
  • Providing a cost worksheet prior to your event
  • Logistics arrangements. Including but not limited to:
    • Referrals to the Office of Risk Management as needed for liability insurance or activities involving risk
    • Parking Arrangements for guests, performers and speakers
    • Obtaining necessary University approvals, such as:
      • Alcohol Approvals
      • Landscaping Approvals and submitting Facility Work Orders
      • CUPD and/or CUFD approvals
      • Use of University Marks approvals
      • Events involving minors approvals
    • Arranging all in-house or 3rd party rental equipment, as necessary
    • Coordinating labor, cleaning, security, and other staffing as needed
    • Reviewing third-party contracts and technical riders to aid in equipment needs discussions
    • Collecting applicable tech details for our operations team
    • Ensuring fire code compliance


Interested in working with an event coordinator? Please contact us via email at

Operations is supported and operated by Campus Reservations & Events. We are available to provide you with many event services across campus including:

  • Tables

  • Chairs

  • Lighting

  • Sound

  • Event Staffing

  • Technical and Equipment Operations

  • Staging

If you are interested in the services that we provide, please email us at

Office Hours:   Monday - Friday 8 am to 6 pm (hours adjusted for summer and holidays)

Information:     864-656-4636 (INFO)

Reservations:   864-656-6118;