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Campus Reservations and Events

Guest Services

Campus Reservations and Events HUB

The Campus Reservations and Events HUB is located at the Guest Services Desk on the second floor of the Hendrix Student Center.

In staying true to our mission of providing exceptional client services and experiential learning opportunities, our HUB desk is operated and maintained by our student front desk staff and student managers.


The Campus Reservations and Events HUB offers the following services:


  • Reservations Assistance for Respective Venues

    The department of Campus Reservations and Events offers various types of reservable spaces to students, faculty, staff, and non-affiliated guests as permitted by the Facility Use Policy.

    Non-affiliated guests should first contact our office before placing a reservation in order to discuss your event needs.

    What is a reservation "request"?

    Completing a reservation request form begins your event review process with our staff. Once we have received all necessary information from you, we will determine if we can accommodate the event based on timing, staffing, and technical needs.

    Reservation request forms may be submitted online by using one of the forms below:

    Please note, our forms include important policies that should be read carefully.

    For any reservation questions, please feel free to contact our Reservations & Guest Services team by calling 864-656-4636, emailing or visiting the Campus Reservations and Events Hub (Hendrix Student Center second floor) during our business hours.

    Keep In Mind...

    • Reservation requests are accepted on a first-come, first-serve basis up to one-year in advance.
    • You are strongly encouraged to place your reservation several months in advance to avoid conflicts with previously requested events.
    • Conference rooms require a minimum of three-days notice.
    • All other venues must be reserved 15 business days in advance.


    If you are interested in paying your invoice online, please click the link below that corresponds with your reservation location. You will need to know your five-digit reservation number to complete the transaction. 

  • Student Information

    Where is the TigerOne Card Office?

    The TigerOne Card Office recently moved and is now located next to the Esso Club! TigerOne card pickup is available on the first floor of the Hendrix Student Center in the Tiger Tech Shop (formerly the Clemson Computer Store).

    Where is the Career Center?

    The Center for Career and Professional Development is located on the third floor of the Hendrix Student Center.

    What are the hours for campus dining locations?

    Please contact University Housing and Dining for dining hall hours and locations. For Clemson ice cream hours and locations, please visit ’55 Exchange

    What are the hours and locations of the Tiger Tech Shop (formerly the Clemson Computer Store)?

    The Clemson Computer Store is located on the first floor of the Hendrix Student Center. Hours are listed here.

    What are the hours and location of the Clemson bookstore?

    The Clemson University Barnes and Noble Bookstore is located on the first floor of Douthit Hills, and business hours are listed here.

    How do I find information for graduate students?

    Please visit the Graduate School website, which contains valuable information related to Clemson and the surrounding community.

  • Campus Flyer/Banner Review

    All University advertising and postings must meet the guidelines of Clemson University’s Facility Use Policy before they can be posted. The policy includes important information on posting locations as well as size and content requirements.

    Banner and Flyer Review

    • Discuss your banner or flyer design with us before you incur costs for design and printing. You may email your design, and we will be happy to discuss your materials. Final approval will be made by stamping your printed materials.

    • Flyers must be presented at the Campus Reservations and Event Services Desk during regular business hours to be finalized and stamped.

    Keep In Mind...

    • Due to the high volume of requests that we receive, we may request that you leave your flyers with us for review and stamping, and we will be happy to contact you when they are ready for pick-up.

    • For banner or flyer review, we will require contact/organization information, and you will need to be a member of the respective university organization.

    • Please note that all reservations within our department’s facilities must be a finalized, confirmed event before advertising will be reviewed. 

    Hanging Flyers and Banners

    After flyers are stamped and reviewed, they will be returned to you so that you can hang them on designated bulletin boards.

    There are two types of banners. The smaller, 30" x 42" horizontal banners are placed by our staff on the 2nd floor of Hendrix Student Center after they are reviewed and placed on a first come, first serve basis.

    The larger, vinyl banners that you see periodically in front of the Hendrix Student Center or displayed on Bowman Field must be scheduled on a first come, first serve basis through our office. Our banner request form including your department's account number will be required upon applying for a large banner, and installation will be scheduled through us with University Facilities.

    All questions should be directed to the Campus Reservations and Events Reservations and Guest Services Desk located on the second floor of the Hendrix Student Center.

  • Visitor Information

    What resources are available to plan my visit?

    Please visit the Clemson University Visitor’s Center website for information on parking, tours, transportation, maps and more.

    Where can I find driving directions for Campus Reservations and Events facilities?

    Please click on the respective venue for driving directions: Hendrix Student Center, and Memorial Auditorium (At Tillman).

  • General Information

    How do I find a lost item in on campus?

    We recommend contacting the facility most closely associated with the lost item. You can fill out this form to report you lost item(s) or contact the Clemson University Police Department to inquire about any lost and found items that may be held there.

    Where can I find information related to employment verification, benefits, or job opportunities?

    Please contact Clemson University Human Resources at their website or by calling 864-656-2000.

    Where do I pay my parking ticket or purchase a parking permit?

    Parking and Transportation Services has moved! Their new office location is 310 Klugh Ave. Suite B. Look for the purple flags near the smoke stacks to find the new entrance. Many services for those with a Clemson user name and password can be found by visiting the Parking Services website.Visitors can also contact the Clemson University Visitor’s Center for more parking information.

    Where can I find a Clemson Area Transit (CAT Bus) schedule?

    CAT schedules can be viewed here.

    Where can I purchase athletic tickets?

    The Athletic Ticket Office is located at the corner of Avenue of Champions and Centennial Boulevard. Tickets may also be purchased through their website or by calling 1-800-CLEMSON.

    Where are ATMs located on campus?

    ATMs are located outside of the Dillard Building, outside of Byrnes Hall, and inside the Hendrix Student Center on the first floor. Most banks have an area on their website dedicated to helping you find the nearest banking center and ATM for your bank.

    How do I find contact information for someone on campus?

    Please visit Clemson University's online phonebook.

    How do I find more information about the local community?

    The City of Clemson website is a great resource for upcoming events, Clemson Area Chamber of Commerce information and activities such as the Farmer’s market.

    Where can I find Clemson Blue Cheese?

    The primary location for Clemson Blue Cheese sales is the Eastside Food Court, located on the first floor of the Hendrix Student Center.

    Is there a movie theater on campus?

    Many organizations on campus sponsor movies periodically for students, and there are several campus facilities that may be reserved for events or movies. For more information about upcoming events, view the campus calendar. There are commercial movie theaters located in Seneca, Easley, Anderson, and Greenville.

    What is Aira?

    Aira ("eye-ra) is a newly launched 24/7 visual interpreter service for Clemson University. Aira connects blind and low-vision users with live Visual Interpreters through a free app available on iOS and Android devices. Visit the University Facilities Services website to learn more.

  • Contact Us

    Office Hours: Monday-Friday 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. (hours adjusted for summer and holidays)

    Information: 864-656-6118 (INFO)


    Please note that all sporting events sponsored by Clemson University Athletics must be purchased through the Athletic Ticket Office (1-800-CLEMSON.)

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Campus Reservations and Events
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