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Campus Reservations and Events

About Us

Mission and Departmental Values


Campus Reservations and Events is a student-centered department that provides exceptional guest and client services, event coordination and venue management through which student employees take part in hands-on experiential learning that is focused on engagement, innovation and professionalism.

By anticipating the needs of the campus community, we create environments that are inclusive, accessible and innovative.

Department Values

  • Guest/Client Services
  • Diversity & Inclusion
  • Student Development
  • Teamwork
  • Innovation
  • Respect

We support this mission by:

  • producing life-long learners who have the capacity to apply the transferable skills and experiences gained in college to their post-collegiate lives;
  • providing risk mitigation through event coordination with clients, vendors and campus partners;
  • providing intentional interactions, support and professional development to create prepared, capable, satisfied professionals throughout all functional areas of the department;
  • supporting events that have a university-wide impact;
  • serving as a resource for campus partners for reservations, event planning, and Facility Use Policy guidance.
Hendrix Student Center
Campus Reservations and Events
Campus Reservations and Events | Hendrix Student Center, Second Floor, 720 McMillan Rd, Clemson, SC 29634