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Student Leadership and Engagement

Undergraduate Students

New Student Orientation Overview

Welcome to Clemson University!

Clemson University’s New Student Orientation experience consists of the following components:

  • 1. Orientation Sign Ups

    Sign Ups for New Student Orientation will open on May 10, 2023, and will be in your Admitted Student Portal.

    Student Transition and Support Fee (Non-Refundable)

    The student transition and support fee supports several programs and services outside of the Orientation program that students utilize throughout their time at Clemson. In addition to Orientation, the fee supports Welcome Week, transition and engagement programs, academic advising, retention, academic success, and campus connection initiatives, transfer student services, and family programs including parent and family orientation. The fee is non-refundable.

  • 2. Virtual Orientation Modules
    All incoming new students are expected to navigate through our Virtual Orientation modules, which also open on May 10, 2023. There are seven modules in total, you are expected to finish Module 2: "Academics" before meeting with an academic adviser.
  • 3. Academic Advising
    All new students will meet with an academic adviser after completion of Module 2: "Academics". These advising appointments will take place virtually.
  • 4. Course Registration
    Course Registration is when new students log into iRoar and sign up for classes! After meeting with an adviser you will choose a day to register. 2023 course registration days are the weeks of June 19 and July 17.
  • 5. Ready, Set, Roar!

    Ready, Set, Roar! is a 2-day optional in-person Orientation experience on campus. It is designed to connect students and guests to campus, to their academic programs, and to other incoming Clemson Tigers. 

    After attending Ready, Set, Roar! last summer:

    • 96% of students and guests felt like a member of the Clemson Community
    • 97% of students felt prepared to invest in their experience at Clemson 
    • 95% of students Agree/Strongly Agree that Ready, Set, Roar! was worth their time
    • 98% of students said their Orientation Ambassador made them feel welcome

    Space is limited! Sign up using your Admitted Student Portal after you sign up for Orientation!

    While on your visit, visit our community partners for exciting offers!

    Ready, Set, Roar! Dates (by academic college):

    • Agriculture, Forestry and Life Sciences - June 15-16, July 6-7
    • Architecture, Arts and Humanities - June 15-16, July 6-7
    • Behavioral, Social and Health Sciences - June 28-29, July 27-28
    • Business - June 12-13, July 24-25
    • Education - June 15-16, July 6-7
    • Engineering, Computing and Applied Sciences - June 5-6, July 13-14
    • Science - June 8-9, July 10-11
    • SUMMER START - June 26

Orientation Checklist

  • Sign up for Orientation and pay the Student Transition and Support Fee (see details above). Sign up for orientation through the Admitted Student Portal

  • Check your CLEMSON EMAIL for instructions on how to access Student Virtual Orientation

  • Complete Virtual Orientation. You can complete Virtual Orientation at your own pace, but you should complete the "Academics" module before you attend academic advising with your adviser

  • Continue to monitor your CLEMSON EMAIL for communications from your academic advisers – this may not be right away, as advisers will contact students in the order of their advising blocks. Do not attempt to schedule an advising appointment on your own, further instructions for scheduling an academic advising appointment will be shared via email

  • Register for your courses on during the week of June 19 or July 17

  • Attend Ready, Set, Roar! - our HIGHLY RECOMMENDED two-day experience on campus. See above for more details. 


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