Clemson University

Academic Redemption Policy

The Academic Redemption Policy (ARP) allows a student enrolled before August 2007 to repeat up to nine hours of coursework in which a D or F was earned if he/she has sufficient redemption and W hours remaining.  Students whose initial enrollment occurs August 2007 or later may redeem up to ten credit hours.  In all cases, the grade earned in the course used to redeem the earlier course will be used in computing the grade-point ratio and satisfying degree requirements. When the earlier grade is D and the second grade is F, the student cannot use the D grade to satisfy any degree requirement.

The ARP will apply to all enrolled undergraduate students beginning fall semester 2003. Courses taken prior to fall semester 2003 may not be considered for ARP. The following conditions apply:
For students with sufficient W hours, the first ten hours of repeated coursework nine hours for those enrolled before August 2007 will automatically be computed for academic redemption, and these hours will be deducted from the student's W hours. If sufficient W hours are not available, the ARP will not apply.

Both grades will remain on the transcript, degree progress report, and other official documents. For financial aid purposes, courses repeated under this policy resulting in duplicate credit do not count for satisfactory academic progress.

If a student drops a repeated course during the period in which the Academic Calendar indicates a W grade is assigned, then both the ARP hours and W hours will be subtracted from the student's remaining ARP and W hours.

The ARP shall apply only to courses taken at Clemson University. The earlier course graded D or F can only be redeemed by repeating the same course. Course substitutions are not permitted.
Students may not invoke the ARP after they have graduated. After graduation, students may repeat coursework, but both grades will be calculated in the grade-point ratio.

The ARP may not be applied to any course taken on a pass/fail basis or to any course in which the student was previously found in violation of academic integrity policy.


Contact Registrar's Office, 102 Sikes Hall, 864-656-2171.