Clemson University

English Fluency Policy

Clemson University has established a policy to assure that all instructional activities are conducted by individuals possessing appropriate proficiency in written and oral use of the English language. Instructional activities include lectures, recitation or discussion sessions, and laboratories. The individuals to be certified include full-time and part-time faculty, graduate teachers of record, graduate teaching assistants and graduate laboratory assistants for whom English is not the first language.

A student who experiences difficulty with an instructor's written or oral English and who wishes to seek relief must do so prior to the seventh meeting of a 50-minute class and prior to the fifth meeting of a 90-minute class in regular semesters. In the five-week summer sessions, relief must be sought prior to the third class meeting.

The procedure is summarized as follows:

  1. The student must quickly bring the problem to the attention of the instructor's department chair either directly or through a faculty member such as the student's advisor. That department chair will assess the complaint and, if deemed valid, offer an appropriate remedy within two days.
  2. A student who is not satisfied with the department chair's decision or the relief suggested, may appeal within two days to a five-member hearing panel comprised of three faculty members and two students appointed by the Senior Vice Provost and Dean of Undergraduate Studies.

Students with questions should contact the Associate Dean of Undergraduate Academic Services, E-103 Martin Hall, 864-656-5009