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Summer Scholars

Audio Engineering & Music Production (Rising 9th-12th)

Ever wonder how a recording studio works? Got a song you’ve always wanted to record, but don’t know where to start? Audio Production Bootcamp is an intensive one-week introduction to the world of music and sound production.  You’ll experience the entire process of recording, from sketching out your musical idea, to sequencing electronic instruments, recording demonstrations, all the way to the final mix.  You’ll be exposed to both the creative and technical aspects of music production and get a chance to watch live recordings in a professional recording studio.  By the end of the course you will have a complete music track in hand, ready to play for your friends, post on social media, or send to that all-important talent scout.


  1. Gain an understanding of the music production process from creative conceptto final mix
  2. Exposure to equipment, software and tools used in contemporary music production
  3. Hands-on experience using synthesizers and MIDI software for creating electronic based music
  4. Spend time recording voice or instrument in an actual recording studio using professional grade equipment
  5. Produce a recording and final mix of your song or musical idea
  6. Requirements

•Basic computer skills are necessary

•No prior music experience is necessary, however familiarity with computer based music software is advantageous

•Students should bring--Headphones (requires ¼” jack, so adapter may be required), A roughly sketched song idea, music track or beat. The format is not important; anything from a video selfie to a written out chord chart to an MP3 beat track to a chord progression you can play; as long as it gets the basic idea across. You should plan on bringing your own instrument such as acoustic guitar if you hope to do an instrumental performance instead of vocal (if practical of course; don’t need to bring in a grand piano, for example!), Positive attitude!

Course Leader: Hamilton Altstatt

MBA Associate Professor of Audio Technology

Clemson University

Owner, Great Waves Digital Media, Inc.