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Summer Scholars

Human Oncology and Pathogenesis (Rising 9th-12th Graders)


Your instructor will be a professor who is a cancer survivor of sixteen years, the director of a center for cancer research and a volunteer with various cancer organizations. She does research at Clemson University and she just recently got approved to do research on COVID19. 

You will be exposed to terminology that relate to cancer, physiology, aging and leading a cancer-free life. You will master the tumor staging, the variouscancer cell lines, and tissue culturing and cancer research. 

Your instructor will expose you to work with shamans in the Peruvian Amazon and bringing the cure to the US! By the end of the week, you will know how to grow cancer cells, feed them, and split them when too crowded in a flask. You will also know how to treat cancer cells and how to kill them. 

You will master differentiating between live and dead cancer cells. Students will learn various techniques of testing cell viability, such as the MTS assay and trypan blue. Students will be exposed to the latest cancer research and findings. They will be inspired to keep up with the literature and to lead a cancer-free life.


Cancer-controlling the cell cycle, Interphase, DNA replication and check-points-on line assignments, Aseptic Techniques and cell concentration, Micropipetting and dilutions, Counting the dead and the live cells using the Trypan Blue Exclusion Assay, Plating cells in a 96 well plate and feeding them, Different type of cancer discussion-on line assignments 


Mitosis review video, Mitosis process and notes, Stop-motion-video creation assignment, Mitosis skit jury notes-fun reading, Mitosis model chart check, Cancer staging, Various cancer types, cell lines and cell media, Cancer drugs, Making fruit extracts, Exposing cancer cells to various fruit extracts, Spectrophotometry, MTS assay and how does it work 


Cancer, aging and telomeres, Presentation of video creations, Tumor suppressor factors and p53 gel electrophoresis, DNA Microarrays, Histology 


Stem cells, Mitosis applications, Reading and interpreting results, How to age well, How to prevent cancer onset, How to early diagnose cancer, Virtual Trip to a cancer research lab 


Mitosis on line inquiry activities, Snurfle meiosis and genetics, Metastasis and creation of stop-motion-videos, Virtual trip to a real cancer research lab  


By the end of this course I believe that students will be able to differentiate between live and dead cells, figure out cellular concentrations, learn how to pour and run an agarose gel and interpret banding patterns, familiarize themselves with the MTS assay, learn how do DNA microarrays work and identify the role of different genes in cancer onset. Students will also learn how cancer spreads through the body by designing stop-motion-videos. I mostly hope to teach students to prevent the onset of cancer and to early diagnose a tumor.

No course specific needs

Course Leader: Diana Ivankovic, Ph.D.