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Summer Scholars

Mechanical Engineering (Rising 11th-12th)

Mechanical engineering covers an exceptionally broad range of topics and graduates from this major are recruited into a wide variety of industries.  In this introductory course, students will learn about a handful of principles in select topics such as fluid mechanics, power and work, 3D modeling, design, and modern computing / engineering analyses through lectures and hands-on activities.  The course will also introduce students to inter-disciplinary mechanical engineering applications and its cutting-edge research areas in related fields such as biomedical engineering.  The main objectives of this course are to provide a brief survey of how mechanical engineering relates to real-world applications and a taste of the types of topics one would learn as a mechanical engineer.

*Course Schedule

Day 1) Modeling Assisted Optimization: The Strongest Fort 
Day 2) Tensegrity Structures
Day 3) Iterative Design and Prototyping: Drone Drop System
Day 4) Modularization: Rolling Ball Sculpture
Day 5) Fluid Mechanics Momentum Balance: Engineering Measurements of Flying Objects

Course Specific Needs:

  • Bring laptop. Wear long pants (or skirts), closed-toe shoes, and garments that lack full/flowing sleeves or fringe for class time. NO SHORTS in class.

*Schedule is tentative and subject to change.

Course Leader: Ethan Kung, Ph.D.