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Academic Advising

CU Navigate for Students


CU Navigate is a student-centered mobile app that provides you with the support you need, where you need it — on your phone. CU Navigate empowers you with the knowledge that will keep you on a path toward graduation, including up-to-date information on key dates, easy access to campus resources (both academic and student life) and the ability to schedule advising appointments directly.

CU Navigate provides these specific benefits:

  • Defined paths to college success - CU Navigate curates the information necessary to navigate the college experience into bite-size pieces based on your interests, majors and pathways.

  • Ongoing responsive guidance - To make the best choices for your academic progress, CU Navigate sends you proactive messages that are personalized, relevant and timely to cut through the information clutter

  • Automated interventions - If you may face risks from low academic performance, financial issues or poor life balance, CU Navigate automatically alerts you to emerging problems and can escalate the challenge to your advisor if you fail to act as needed.

A screenshot of the CU navigate homepage with a QR code link to the appstore to download the app.

Guidance to Get You Started

To get you started, we have provided some additional resources to help you begin using CUNavigate. This resource evolves with usage, so please bookmark this page as your first place for answering questions!

If you don't find the information here that you need, please contact with your questions.